Shepherds' Field

Shepherds still pasture their flocks around Bethlehem, where the shepherds heard the good tidings of Yeshua’ birth from the angel of the Lord who told them to go to Bethlehem to adore the child (Luke 2). “Shepherds’ Field”, sometimes called Ruth’s field, is near the village of Bet Sahur.
Shepherds FieldEverywhere, evidence is found of Byzantine convents, and a Greek Orthodox Church covers a cave which has a fine fourth century mosaic floor. Another church, called “Campo Dei Pastori” – “Shepherd’s Field” was rebuilt for the Franciscans by Antonio Barluzzi in 1950.

The design of the Church represent a shepherd’s tent and the light penetrating the church through the glass openings of the dome recall the light that shine on the shepherds when the angel appeared to give them the tidings of Yeshua’ birth. The walls are decorated with frescoes depicting the story of the shepherds and in the centre of the Church are an altar supported by bronze statues of shepherds.

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