Nazareth Village

Nazareth Village offers you exactly what you come to the Holy Land for: to touch the time of Yeshua, see its sights, hear its sounds, and even breathe in its aromas. Located on a pastoral patch of farmland in the modern city of Nazareth, a tour of Nazareth Village provides an authentic experience of the land of the Bible.

NazarethVillageYou are greeted by costumed “inhabitants” (the staff actually did grow up in Nazareth), and feel Yeshua’ teachings come alive along the Parable Walk. You can see women spinning, drawing water and baking bread, and men tilling the soil or harvesting, and herding sheep and goats.

At the olive oil press you’ll learn that the word “Nazareth” comes from the Hebrew for a new shoot of an olive tree, the “branch” of Isaiah 11:1. An entire house has been reconstructed, along with a synagogue of the type in which Yeshua preached in this very town (Luke 4:16-28). Nazareth Village is a truly unique way to immerse yourself in the Bible.

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