The view from Megiddo and its strategic importance are discussed in the introduction. The Tel itself consists of twenty superimposed cities, the oldest going back to 4000 B.C. The Tel was finally abandoned in 400 B.C.

MegiddoA Canaanite city stood here around 2000 B.C., but was succeeded to by the Hyksos invaders in the 18th century B.C. The Hyksos were finally subdued and Megiddo taken by the pharaoh Thutmose in 1478 B.C. King Solomon fortified Megiddo and made it one of his chariot cities and supply centres (I Kings 4:12; 9:15; 10:26). Two Judean kings died in battle here: Ahaziah was killed by Jehu in 847 B.C, (II Kings 9:27) and Josiah by Pharoah Necco in 610 B.C. (II Kings 23:26).

In World War I the decisive battle in the conquest of northern Palestine by the British was fought here. General Allenby’s victory earned him the title Viscount of Megiddo.

Megiddo is identified with Armageddon of Revelations 16:16.

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