Capernaum at the time of Yeshua was a border village between Herod Abtupas’ Tetrarchy of Galilee and Hellenistic Gaulanitis. It contained a customs house, and was garrisoned by a small Roman detachment. It was here that Yeshua came to teach after his failure to evangelize Nazareth, and Capernaum became the centre of his Galilean ministry. Yeshua gathered together his disciples here (Matt. 4, 14) and performed many cures (Mk. 1,21;2,3, Luke 7, 2). Today can be seen the remains of a synagogue 2-3 centuries younger tan that in which Yeshua taught, though most likely on the same site.capernaum

The main material used for building is well-dressed and carved limestone. The synagogue is typical of the basilica style of the period, with Corinthian columns. Nearby are the remains of an octagonal structure, thought to be built on the remains of Peter’s house. Beneath can be seen some of the stone artefacts of ancient Capernaum: a carved palm tree, millstone and the Star of David.

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