In the Christian New Testament, the Gospel of John refers a number of times to a town called Cana of Galilee. Among Christians and other students of the New Testament, Cana is best known as the place where, according to the Fourth Gospel, Yeshua performed his tenth miracle (scholars would note that it was His first miracle in Cana, acknowledging that His disciples were present at the feast, but with him in Capernaum where Mark records miracles after the temptation; Mark 1:25,31,34.), the turning of a large quantity of water into wine at a wedding feast (John 2:1-11) when the wine provided by the bridegroom had run out.

None of the synoptic gospels record this event, but in John's gospel it has considerable symbolic importance: it is the first of the seven miraculous "signs" by which Yeshua's divine status is attested, and around which the gospel is structured.

The story has had considerable importance in the development of Christian pastoral theology, since the facts that Yeshua was invited to a wedding, attended and used his divine power to save the celebrations from disaster, are taken as evidence of his approval for marriage and earthly celebrations, in contrast to the more austere views of Saint Paul as found, for example, in 1 Corinthians 7. It has also been used as an argument against Christian teetotalism.

A minority of modern readers have asserted that the wedding was originally Yeshua' own (some among them identifying the bride as Mary Magdalene), and that an earlier account has been edited in order to Four miles beyond Nazareth in the direction of Tiberias is the Arab village of Cana. The Christian inhabitants, who number half the local population, belong to the Catholic, Greek or Melkite Churches.

CanaCana is the scene of two important New Testament happenings. Nathaniel, a native of Cana, was initially quite sceptical of Yeshua. It was he who said “can anything good come out of Nazareth?” (John 1:46). Also here at Cana, Yeshua performed his first miracle: at a wedding he was attending the wine required for the sanctification gave out. Yeshua commanded that six stone jars used in the ritual purification be filled with water. When the water was drawn off it miraculously turned to wine. This was to be the first Yeshua’ signs.

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